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Electrix // Markus 88 // Reed200 // Model-T // Suit73 // 1959

Experience all the warm, vintage tones of classic electric keyboards without the huge sample libraries. Weighing in at less than 70mb each, Sampleson’s instruments use spectral modelling techniques to emulate these recognisable keyboard tones from scratch.

The Sampleson Vintage Keys Bundle is exclusive to Plugin Boutique and available for a limited time only.


Between Tines and Reed

A superb electric piano from the 70’s. It uses reeds struck by hammers and electronically converts vibrations transmitted to a transistorised amplifier.

Its sound can be described as a half-way between tines and reed, but with a vintage dirty touch.

The ’70s at Your Fingertips

Electrix is a sound modelled instrument and was made recreating every single detail from a legendary EP. Main sound, noises, releases, tines, resonance and effects has been carefully integrated into a serious dynamic range instrument.

Studio-Grade Instrument

Electrix is the result of more than 1200 hours of development and testing. Native 64bit and perfectly balanced to fit into any professional mix. Available for Mac and PC, VSTi, AU and Standalone versions are included.

Learn more about Electrix EP.

Markus 88

The first spectral-modelled electric piano based on real samples entirely rebuilt by modelling. Offering the real sound and feel of a Stage EP in just 25MB.

Sampleson decoded and analyzed a vintage electric piano sinewaves spectrum for every note and every velocity, and recreated it manually. When you play a note on Markus, the exact same sound for the original instrument will be generated (no samples involved).

And they did it manually. Every single harmonic was tuned by ear. Like in acoustic piano tuning, the final touch is always made manually, and no tuning software or algorithm is able to replace that.

Decoding the Electric Piano Genome

Every sound in nature is a complex spectrum of harmonics. The combination of those harmonics makes every sound unique and easy to be identified by humans. Doing the reverse engineering for finding the harmonics that makes a tine-based electric piano sound like a tine-based electric piano is a complex task. 

Sampleson disassembled tine-based electric piano timbre into the minimal parts a sound can be split. And reassembled into a fully expressive virtual instrument.

Learn more about Markus 88.


Reed200 is Sampleson’s second spectral modelled instrument. Sampleson can say it’s all that they dreamed of: clean and responsive timbre made out of the real model. Stacking up to 600 pure sinewaves, Sampleson achieved a perfect and accurate timbre reproducing the sound that a reed-ep generates on the line output. Also they included a cabinet and drive emulator.

As in Sampleson’s Markus 88, Sampleson did most of the jobs manually. Despite the deep spectrum analysis Sampleson used to decode the timbre DNA, they focused on recreating the real feel of pushing down a key in a real model.

Learn more about Reed200.

Model T

A classic of the late ’70s and ’80s. Sampleson recreated a classic 80s EP by spectral modelling, offering the real sound and feel of the simplest electromechanical piano in the history in just 30MB.

Carefully crafted. Detailed recreation of every single mechanical noise and main timbre. No velocity switching since is not sample-based.

This was one of the most affordable and common electromechanical piano produced in the late ’70s. Based on reeds, it generates a warm, bell-like but dark tone. But Sampleson included the option to activate the sustain pedal on their modelled recreation.

An ’80s Classic

Late in the ’70s was launched a simple yet powerful electro-mechanical piano. Manufactured between 1977 and 1982, this classic electro-mechanical piano was one of the simplest EPs in history. Based on reeds, and sticky pads, it offers a “Reed” like sound but with a much more present mechanical noise due to the proximity of the mechanics to the keyboard itself.

Learn more about Model T.


Sampleson have extracted the Suitcase 73’s DNA and packed it into a 35MB virtual instrument.

Suit73 is the most detailed emulation Sampleson have created so far. Presenting the second generation of Sampleson’s spectral modelling engine (DNAudio 2.0) allowing them to create realistic and warm emulations.

Hyper-Detailed Spectral Modelled Suitcase Electric Piano

Suit73 was made upon spectral modelling. A technique providing realistic sounds since it’s based on real samples and not mathematical approaches like physical modelling.

It sounds real because it is real: sound is created the same way it’s in nature (stacking simple sinewaves together). This is why it feels organic and warm.

Sampleson mapped more than 64 groups of timbre components (releases, bells, key noises, main timbre, resonance, etc) and recreated them by spectral modelling. Archiving a realistic and warm sound in just 35MB and very low CPU usage.

Learn more about Suit73.


1959 by Sampleson is based on an electro-acoustic piano patent registered in 1959. Sampleson brought it to life using spectral modelling. Its sound can be described as CP80-like but a bit more tuned due to the fewer number of strings.

The Experience of Recreating a Forgotten Electro-Acoustic Piano Patent

Does it sound like the original one? Sampleson don’t know, because it has never been built. And they won’t build it (for the moment). But the experience of bringing to life an instrument that never existed was super-exciting. The resulting sound of this virtual instrument is warm, clean and bright. The expressiveness of the piano action Sampleson emulated gives it a nice and wide range of timbres. From warm lows to metallic shines on higher velocities.

Learn more about 1959.

System Requirements


  • OSX 10.7 or later (Catalina-ready)
  • Host must support VSTi or AU plugins.
  • 0.5 GB HDD
  • 4GB RAM


  • Windows 7 or later
  • Host must support VSTi plugins.
  • 0.5 GB HDD
  • 4GB RAM

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